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Restore HDD after Quick Format

  • Efficient recovery of lost data after quick format
  • Easy & Fast recovery using advanced scanning algorithms
  • Supports recovery on different types of hard drives
  • Also supports data restoration on external hard drives & USB drives
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Hard drives are the best way to store the data on your system. People rely on them to store files they are carrying with. A system comprises of hard disk which is further divided into partitions for segregation of data in order to avoid the mixing up of system files and user files (personal data). Intentionally or unintentionally the files from your storage device can be lost. When you choose to run a regular format, files are removed from your selected drive and the hard drive is scanned for the bad sectors. The scan for bad sectors is the main reason for the time taken to format a drive. But in case of quick format, it removes files from partitions but does not scan for bad sectors. Hence, consumes less time. Losing the data from the partitions created by you can sometimes be complicated. This makes your drive inaccessible. In such a scenario, you can recover files from hard drive after quick format by using good hard drive recovery software. This software helps you to recover hard drive partition from all major data loss scenarios.

In addition to hard drive, there is a rise in usage of external hard drive via USB port to store the files. The mode of carrying the data through USB are external hard drives, USB drives (flash drives), memory card reader (memory sticks, SD cards, XD cards, CF cards) etc. As the data storage is growing day to day, you may delete your old data using quick format procedure to make way for new files. In this particular situation you may accidentally delete your important folder or files containing the essential data. In such circumstances data recovery software comes into picture.

Common factors resulting in loss of files from hard drive are as follows:

  • Accidental formatting : Accidentally selecting the wrong partition and formatting it. For example if you are planning format D instead if you select E partition which may result in loss of data from the partition.

  • Quick format process: You can only use this quick format process if your hard disk has been previously formatted and its not damaged. Intentionally if you try to quick format your system hard drive partitions can result is huge data loss.

  • File conversion error: - While conversion of file system from FAT to NTFS you need to re-partition the hard drive. If the process of conversion is interrupted in between due to power surge or other reasons, this situation can result in huge data loss.

  • Improper shutdown : Improper shutdown of the system or fluctuation in power supply while the system is operating can lead to loss of some files from the C drive and fails to boot up.

Scenarios in which you may lose data from USB drive are accidental deletion due to human errors, improper ejection of USB drive while transferring data, file system corruption, virus attack etc.

No matter what the scenario for formatting, deleting or losing the files, hard drive retrieval can be done by using good hard drive recovery software. There are handfuls of softwares available in the market but choosing the right one is most difficult. Windows partition recovery software is such a software which is mostly recommended for these kind of scenarios. It is stuffed with most up-to-date features and layman can use on his/her own. It has simple and efficient methods to recover data from overwritten hard drive and can be known more about this on which makes the software widely acknowledged among the recovery softwares. It comprises advance scanning algorithm, which has the ability to scan the computer hard drive, USB drive etc to its proficient no matter how many times the file system (FAT and NTFS) of the storage device have been changed. To know more about crashed hard drive recovery on both Windows and Mac OS X click here

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Windows Data Recovery Software is capable of recovering data from Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. The software is read-only and does not damage your hard drive. Handy features such as disk imaging, disk cloning and disk cloning helps in recovery data from hard drives with bad sectors and in quick recovery of deleted files. Gather info about how the tool provides the efficiency to perform formatted hard drive recovery after accidental formatting, using unreliable software, corrupt hard drive. For recovering data from FAT file system you can use FAT Data Recovery. This software can perform hard drive recovery on Windows 7 & other versions of Windows Operating system. Read more....

External hard drives helps in a great manner by keeping back up files in it. Most of the time you store all important information in the external disk so that if you lose files from it then you can use the back up. But what if if you lose files from external hard disk? External HDD is also prone to corruption & you cannot spare files from it. So you can make use of this software to restore data from external hard drive.

Most of the people uses Mac Operating system. Though it has many features but you cannot save your files from Mac volume too as data loss can hapen at any point of time. So professional experts has also developed Mac verison of the software to know more about that visit the site

Steps for hard drive recovery after quick format:

Step 1: Remove the affected hard drive from your system and connect it as a slave to the healthy system to restore hard drive data . Download and install the Windows Partition Recovery software to the system to which, the affected hard drive is connected. Run the program by double-clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop. The main screen is displayed as shown in Figure 1..

Hard Drive Recovery after Quick Format- Main Window screenshot

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the option Recover Partition/Drives from the main screen displayed in Figure 1 and click Next. New window is displayed. Select Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery option and proceed, as shown in Figure 2

Hard Drive Recovery after Quick Format- Formatted / Re-formatted screen

Figure 2 : Select Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery

Step 3: The new screen displays all the attached physical hard drives as shown in Figure 3. Select the drive from which you want to retrieve deleted or lost files and click on Next to begin the scanning process.

Hard Drive Recovery after Quick Format- Select drive screen

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: Once the scanning process is completed you can view the recovered file using File Type view/Data view option as shown in Figure 4. To save scanned files click on Save Recovery Session.

Recovered Files screen

Figure 4: Recovered Files

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