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Recover Documents from Hard Disk

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Hard drive is an internal storage media that stores all documents that you create and save on your computer. It has large storage capacity and can store all types of documents. Hard drives are volatile storage media which provide quick access to documents in a computer. It stores all system files and user documents including your operating system. A hard disk can store megabyte, gigabyte or terabyte of data depending upon its usage. External hard drives with different storage capacities are also available that you can use, to store back-up of your important documents. Hard drives store vital information from virtually every aspect of the user's life (E.g.: official data, business documents, personal files, audios, videos and photos, etc). Computer hard drive carries all the vital documents of a user and the mere thought of losing those documents can be worrisome. There can be different reasons like corruption, accidental deletion or formatting etc that may result in loss of documents from your hard drive.

Some of the main causes resulting in loss of documents from hard drive are:

  • Accidental deletion: You may accidentally delete your important documents using Shift Delete while deleting some other documents. Documents deleted using Shift Delete bypass the recycle bin folder and cannot be restored back.

  • Formatting:  Hard drives are formatted to get rid of corruption or virus infection. Sometimes while formatting a corrupt partition if you accidentally choose a wrong partition drive letter and format the drive then all the documents present in the partition are erased from the hard drive. Visit to know about the recovery of formatted hard disk.

  • Emptying recycle-bin: Recycle-bin carries all deleted documents so that if you have accidentally deleted some documents they can be recovered back. Emptying the recycle-bin without checking its content also results in loss of documents from hard drive.

  • Hard disk crash: Hard drive crash due to abrupt power failure, improper shut down or any other reason can also lead to loss of valuable documents from hard drive.

  • Virus or malware attack: Virus is a harmful program that replicates itself over the data present in the storage device. Virus infection from any source may infect the hard drive of your computer which results in loss of important documents stored in it.

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In order to recover documents from hard drive due to any of the reasons stated above you need to use recovery software. Data Recovery Software is one of the best recovery software available online to recover HDD files of any type like texts, documents, photos, videos,etc. This software is an excellent recovery tool which can easily restore documents lost and deleted from hard drive. The software helps to recover documents from crashed hard drive, external hard drives, IDE/ATA, SATA /SCSI hard drives within few mouse clicks. It can recover all types of documents including word files, excel sheets, presentations, etc. This tool can also recover documents from flash drives and from all types of memory cards. This tools also helps to recover dead hard drive data after hard drive corruption, software malfunction, improper termination of system, etc. Know more about laptop hard drive recovery of all brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, etc. This software is easy to use and has many useful features that come in handy while retrieving data. The signature search option in the software allows you to retrieve important document by using file attributes such as file type, size, or other details regarding the document. This is very useful tool to retrieve important documents quickly from severely corrupted file system. Also you can read more about recovery of files from Seagate hard drive & other storage devices on both Windows & Mac OS by using this software.

Often it may happen that after you have lost files from the drive you have added new files to it that drive. Normally it is not possible to get files back with ordinary recovery software.Visit this site to know about recovery of hard drive after you have overwritten the disk.

Mac hard drive recovery can also be performed with the help of Mac version of the software after you have lost files from it due to volume header corruption, file system corruption.improper formatting, crashed drive, etc. To find lost or deleted files from hard drive partition click here

Simple steps to recover documents from hard drive:

Step1: Download and install the demo version of the software. Select "Recover Files" option from the welcome screen in order to recover documents from hard drive.

Recover Documents from Hard Drive- Main Page

Step 1 : Main Screen

Step2: Now either select "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" option from next screen.

Recover Documents from Hard Drive- Select Mode of Recovery

Step 2 : Select Recover Deleted/Lost Files option

Step3: Select the hard drive partition from which you want to recover documents and click on next as shown in the screen.

Recover Documents from Hard Drive -Method of Scan

Step 3: Select Physical Drive

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Step4: Now select the file type and click on next option.

Recover Documents from Hard Drive- Data View 

Step 4: Recovered Files

Step5: View the list of recovered documents from hard disk as shown in figure 5.

Recover Documents from Hard Drive- Save Recovcered Files

Step 5: View Recovered Data

Download File Recovery Software Demo Buy File Recovery Software