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Restore Hard Drive

  • Get back data from various hard drive brands
  • Effectively restore deleted or lost files
  • Creates a disk image to perform recovery at a later point of time
  • No technical knowledge required to operate the software
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Data stored in a hard drive can be lost due to many reasons. Some of the main reasons for losing data from a hard drive include accidental deletion of data, formatting of the drive, partitioning or repartitioning of the drive, hard drive crash, software malfunction, hard drive corruption and unknown reasons. The most common reason for losing data is caused by handling errors- accidental deletion, formatting, partitioning, deletion of partitions, improper shut down of the system, use of incompatible hardware or third party utilities.

Data lost from a hard drive remains in the hard drive till it gets overwritten by new data. After deleting data when you use the drive to create and store new information, or if you install or download new applications or software, this could lead to overwriting of the deleted data. In order to restore lost data, you should stop using the hard drive immediately and till you restore lost data from it. To recover overwritten hard drive data you need to use recovery tool. Read more on this...

Hard Drive Recovery with Hard Drive Recovery Software

Windows Data Recovery Software is one the best options available in the market to restore lost data from hard drive. The software is capable of restoring data lost due to any complex data loss scenarios including failed, dead, or crashed hard drive, from severely corrupt hard drives. You can use this software to restore hard drive data even after re-installing operating system.

The product is capable or restoring data from both FAT and NTFS partitions and supports recovery from Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Apart from this, the software is capable of restoring data from hard drives, external hard drives, IDE/AT, SATA/SCSI hard drives, flash drives and from all types of memory cards. The software supports recovery of data from hard drives by popular brands including Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi and many more. Know about dead hard drive recovery after software malfunction, system crash, blue screen error, etc. on

The software comes with many useful features such as signature search, disk imaging, disk cloning and preview option to view recovered files before saving. The software also allows you to save the recovered data to any location specified by you. Signature search is very handy while recovering files especially when the file system is severely corrupted and the data cannot be presented in the tree structure. Similarly, disk imaging and disk cloning helps to retrieve hard drive data with many bad sectors without damaging the data further. Click here to know about USB hard drive data recovery which will help you to retrieve lost data from USB HDD of various brands.

Windows Data Recovery is a complete solution for all your data recovery needs from Windows. By making use of this application you can perform external hard disk recovery click here to know the process of recovery program. The software is highly efficient and extremely easy to use enabling you to restore lost data from hard drive without any hassles. The Mac version of the software lest you recover hard drive data from Macbook Air, Pro and also lets you recover data from all versions of Mac.

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Simple steps to know how to recover data from hard drive:

Step 1: First, you need to download and install the Hard Disk Recovery Software on your healthy system. Once you launch the software, 3 options appears on the main screen. Select "Recover Files" option to restore data from hard drive.

Hard Drive Restoration Software - Home Page

Step 1 : Main Window

Step 2: Now, you need to select either "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" option to restore your data back to the system

Hard Drive Restoration Software - Mode of Recovery

Step 2 : Select Recover deleted or lost files option

Step 3: Select the hard drive and click on Next arrow.

Hard Drive Restoration Software - Recovered files from USB tree view screen

Step 3: Select Hard Drive

Step 4: Select the recovered files from the list and restore thema back

Hard Drive Restoration Software -Save Recovered Deleted files

Step 4: View Recovered Data

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