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Retrieve Data from Hard Drive

  • Perfect tool to bring back hard drive data
  • Provides a Preview option to see files before recovery
  • Perform signature search to locate a particlar type of file
  • Intuitive wizard style user-interface
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Data loss from hard drive can be very unnerving. You can easily end up losing data from hard drive due to hard drive failure or crash, handling errors such as deletion of the data or drives, formatting the drives, repartitioning, file system corruption or due to unknown errors. Apart from this, another main cause for data loss from hard drive is due to physical damage. In the case of physical damage you cannot retrieve hard drive data using data recovery software. You will need to avail the services of data recovery professionals.

To ensure hard drive data recovery, you should:

  • Stop using the drive immediately. Further use of the drive for creating or storing information can lead to overwriting of the deleted data
  • Do not download or install any software to the drive from which you have lost data
  • Remove the hard drive from which you want to retrieve data, and attach it to a healthy hard drive
  • Download data recovery software to this healthy hard drive

Windows Data Recovery Software is one of the best software in its class. This software can efficiently recover data from both NTFS and FAT file systems. The software helps to recover data from crashed hard drive, external hard drives, IDE/ATA, SATA /SCSI hard drives, flash drives and from all types of memory cards.

This power packed software is easy to use and has many useful features that come in handy while retrieving data. The signature search or file tracer option allows you to retrieve important files by using file attributes such as file type, size, or other details regarding the file. This is very useful to retrieve important files quickly when the file system is severely corrupted.

You can even clone your hard disk using this software. This helps in creating a replica of the hard drive and the data, that can be used as a backup as well. Disk imaging is another option that allows you to recover data even when the hard drive has many bad sectors without damaging the hard drive or the lost data. Click here to rescue data from laptop hard drive of differnt brands.

Windows Data Recovery is a complete solution for all your data recovery needs from Windows. Read about recovery of files on Windows 7 on The software is highly efficient and extremely easy to use enabling you to retrieve lost data from hard drive without any hassles. Also there is separate verison of software for Mac version developed by professionals so that the Mac users can recover files from Mac machine with utmost ease. Click here to know the process of Mac hard drive data recovery.

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Steps to recover data from hard disk

Step 1: Install the app and select "Recover Drives" from the first screen as shown in figure 1.

Hard Drive Recovery on Windows 7 - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2: Select "Partition Recovery" from the next screen. Now proceed and choose the hard disk from the list on hwich you want to perfrom recovery

Select Physical Drive Screen

Figure 2 : Select Physical drive

Step 3: After scan select the files and save it back to the system as shown in Figure 3.

Recovered Data Screen

Figure 3: Recovered Data