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  • Unique tool that can restore all lost and deleted external hard drive data
  • Strong built in features that can restore media, text and grahic files
  • Supports external hard disk with both USB and FireWire interface
  • Compatible with all latest version of Windows operating system
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I accidentally deleted some files from my Seagate external hard drive. I tried recovering these files from the Recycle Bin, but I could not find these files in the Recycle Bin. I need to recover these files at any cost. Could you please suggest how to recover deleted files from external hard drive?

Do not panic. You can easily recover accidentally deleted files from external hard drive using Windows Data Recovery. The software helps you to recover deleted data easily, without harming the hard drive and allows you to save the files to a healthy hard drive or to any other removable storage device.

Though external hard drive is a great choice for additional storage space for storing all kinds of data including documents, spreadsheets, and media files, the data stored in the external hard drive is prone to loss or deletion much like your regular hard drive.

Accidental deletion, formatting, deletion of partitions, file system corruption, hard drive crash or repartitioning can lead to loss of data from an external hard drive. Unlike regular hard drive if you delete a file from external hard drive, you cannot restore it from Recycle Bin. The only way to recover files deleted from external hard drives is by using Windows Data Recovery. You can also perform hard drive restoration after accidental deletion, formatting hard disk, partitioning or repartitioning the drive, hard drive crash, etc. by clicking on this link.

Recover accidentally deleted files with NTFS Recovery

Windows Data Recovery is a powerful, yet easy to use software that allows you to recover deleted and other data lost from external hard drive without any hassles. However, after deleting the data, if you use the drive further, this could lead to overwriting of the deleted files. Once the data is overwritten, you cannot recover it using data recovery software.

Hence for best recovery results:

  • Stop using the external hard drive till you recover deleted data from it
  • Do not download or install any software to the external hard drive from which you have lost data
  • Plug in the external hard drive to a healthy hard drive
  • Download Windows Data Recovery to the healthy drive to recover data
  • Scan the drive and evaluate the recovery results obtained with the trial version
  • Save the recovered data to the healthy drive with purchased version.

Windows Data recovery software is capable of retrieving data lost from hard drives, external hard drives, IDE/AT, SATA/SCSI hard drives, flash drives and from all types of memory cards. You can also get your files back after performing quick formatting on hard disk. Visit this site( to know more about this. The software supports recovery of data from popular hard drive brands including Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi and many more. Click here to know more about this

Windows Data recovery is capable of recovering formatted hard drive data from Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 & Windows 8. The software is read-only and does not damage your hard drive. It provides the capability to recover data from hard drive with utmost ease within a few mouse clicks. Handy features such as disk imaging, disk cloning and disk cloning helps in recovery data from hard drives with bad sectors and in quick recovery of deleted files. You can recover damaged hard drive and also other types of storage devices like external HDD, flash memory cards, USB drives, Fire Wire drives & iPod devices. For recovering data from FAT file system you can use FAT Data Recovery. The utility can easily recover USB hard disk and find missing files files from it. Read more...

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Mac Operating System is used by most of the people as it has unique features & provides high security. But still you cannot save files present in the hard drive of Mac machine. Wondering to get those files back? You can easily recover Mac hard disk files by making use of the Mac version of this software.

Screen shots:

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive- Main Screen

Step 1 : Main Screen

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive - Mode of Recovery

Step 2 : Select Partition Recovery


How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive - Choose Drive

Step 3: Select Physical Drive

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive- Save Recovered Deleted files 

Step 4: Select File Type


Save Recovered Deleted files

Step 5: View Recovered Data

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