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Recover Mac Hard Drive

  • Powerful software that can perform active recovery on Mac
  • Provides option to save the recovered file in any location
  • Facilitates easy recovery on all latest verion of Mac
  • Compatible with Buffalo, Click Free, Iomega and other hard drive brands
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Hard drives are otherwise called non-volatile storage devices which have extra storage capacity and higher data transfer rate than other disk drives. Each hard disk has a spindle which can hold more than one flat circular disk that are called platter. They are basically employed for storing and accessing of digital information. They are also known as Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SATA, SCSI and IDE are some commonly used hard drives. Hard drives are one of the popular storage devices now-a-days. They are commonly used for storing valuable files and folders. Data loss from hard drive on Mac OS is as common as that in Windows operating system. So if you’ve lost data from Mac hard drive then you have to perform hard drive restoration on Mac with the help of a good Mac data recovery tool. Before going in details about the data recovery process you should know about some common data loss situations in Mac operating system which are described below:

  • Data loss due to unintended actions:  Data from the Mac hard drive can be lost due to human errors like deleting any data instead of any other data by using Shift + Delete keys, formatting wrong Mac volume while trying to format some other volume, by third party application, losing data due to failed defragmentation, data lost due to unexpected conditions like improper turn off of computer or power failure problem. You need not be worried you can recover HDD files using Mac recovery software.

  • Improper Formatting/Reformatting: Data can be lost from Mac hard drive because of improper formatting/reformatting i.e. formatting hard drive without proper data backup. Upgradation of the Mac operating system without proper data backup can be the other cause of data loss in Mac hard drive. However, a good formatted hard drive recovery tool can solve the issue in such a scenario.

  • Crashed Hard drive: When Mac volume fails to boot or is damaged physically, the data stored in it becomes inaccessible giving rise to data loss.

  • Error in File System Conversion: Error in file system conversion on Macintosh operating system could be another cause of data loss in Mac volume.

  • Partitioning Error: Error occurred during partitioning in Mac OS could be one of the reasons for Mac data loss. Data from Mac OS may be lost because of Apple partition map corruption. Journal corruption is also one of the causes for data loss in Mac OS.

  • Third party Utility: Improper function of third party application program can also cause data loss in Mac hard drive.

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Apart from the file loss scenarios you need to know about some precautionary steps and should follow them in order to avoid further data loss from Mac hard drive in future.

  • Please ensure that you have taken proper data backup when you are going to reinstall the operating system or formatting any partition. As a result you won’t be losing any data in both of these cases.

  • Try to avoid deleting any data using Shift + Delete key combination. First delete then using Delete option only and if you feel that the deleted data is not necessary then delete them from Trash Bin.

  • If you have already lost data from hard drive in Mac operating system then stop using that hard drive immediately. This is because if the same hard drive will be used or saving new data then the lost data might get overwritten with the new data. Once the lost data gets overwritten then it can never be restored using any data recovery software. After recovering the lost data you can use that hard drive again as before.

Hard Drive Recovery software is most suitable data recovery tool to come out of such data loss situations in Mac OS. The features of this software include lost data recovery from Mac OS X partitions. This software has advanced scanning algorithm to recover hard drive partition data on Mac. This software restores data from volumes which refuse to mount. Data deleted from Trash can also be retrieved by this software. It also supports data recovery from HFS+, HFSX, FAT partitions. Sometimes to clean up the drive you click the option "Quick format". But your may click the option for wrong drive in a hurry which may contain your important files, result in loss of files from it. No need to worry, you can recover files after quick format by using this tool. Gather more info about file HDD recovery after quick format on this site. To assess the recovery results of this software you need to download it.

You can also get your files back from laptop hard drive and to know about the recovery procedure visit the site You can also recover files from external HDD along with other storage devices easily within a few mouse clicks, The steps for using this software are described in details below.

Steps to perform hard drive recovery from Mac volumes

Step 1: Download and launch the free version of Hard drive Recovery software - Mac Version. The main window is displayed as shown in Figure 1.

Hard Drive Recovery on Mac - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: After that click on “Recover Volumes/Drives” option on the main screen. Then you will see two options appearing on the screen. They are “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”. You have to choose between them according to your need as shown in Figure 2

Hard Drive Recovery on Mac - Select Appropriate Option Screen

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate Option

Step 3: After clicking your desired option you have to select the affected drive from which you want to recover data as shown in Figure 3.

Hard Drive Recovery on Mac - Select Volume Screen

Figure 3: Select Volume

Step 4: After that the drive will be scanned thoroughly and you can see the recovered data both in “Data type view” and “File type view” as shown in Figure 4

Hard Drive Recovery on Mac - Recovered Data Tree Screen

Figure 4 : Recovered Data

Note: You can make use of Hard Drive Recovery software for hard drive recovery on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003,2008, Windows 8

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