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Recover Data from Damaged HDD

  • Advanced software to perform damaged hard drive recovery with ease
  • Supports recovery of text, video, audio and other files from hard disk
  • Assist recovery of files from Buffalo, Hitachi, Western Digital etc
  • Provides a best outcome on all latest Windows operating system
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How will you feel when you’re unable to access your hard drive?

Just imagine the situation, you have seminar tomorrow & you have saved presentation in hard disk & next day when you open it to insert in your pen drive you see that your document is not present in the disk. The disappearance of files may be due to many reasons such as while saving you might have terminated your system improperly as a result file system gets corrupted. File system helps to organize & manage the file present on the system. It contains all information regarding storing of files. So once file system gets damaged the files present in the disk become inaccessible. Often you may encounter with the problem of RAW drive. In such case you cannot access file from the drive as it cannot identify its file system & shows used space as 0 bytes. To know about the process of RAW drive recovery, click here..There are also other reasons like virus infection, frequent power fluctuation, bad sectors and format error.

When you end up in these situations then how will you deal with the damaged hard disk to recover your files back?

This is the most common situation where people get confused what to do. The very first thing you should do is stop using the hard drive as soon as you notice that you have lost files from hard disk. If you continue using the disk then chances of getting back your lost data will be almost nil. Because files that are lost from corrupted hard disk are present in some corner of the disk. After that, use efficient recovery software to restore back your files. But before that you should go through some common issues that are responsible for hard drive corruption. Get to know about file recovery from external hard disk of various brands on

Various reasons that damages hard drive:

  • Hard drive error: While installing new Operating System on the same hard disk then there is a possibility of hard drive corruption.
  • Mac volumes not accessible due to re-partitioning: If you want to create new partition or change the size of hard disk, re- partitioning of the original disk is required. If you perform re-partitioning process then it may corrupt the existing partition causing loss of data. While performing this process, you may accidentally delete the existing partition.

  • Blue screen on start up due to virus: Harmful virus affects hard disk in severe manner and you may come across a situation which is known as “BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH”. This can happen due to third party application that you have installed in your system or you may have used your system over unsecured network.

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No matter whatever be the reason, best solution is to perform hard drive recovery. You can easily restore file back from hard disk on Windows OS and also perform file recovery on laptop hard disk. You can also restore files from external HDD, flash memory cards, USB drives, Fire Wire drives & iPod devices. Know more about data recovery on external HDD. The application also works well on SATA, SCSI & IDE and also recover partition from hard disk with utmost ease. It can also retrieve files from drive that are formatted with NTFS, FAT16, FAT 32, HFSX, HFS+, etc. Professionals has designed separate software to recover files from Mac hard drive. Visit to know about Mac hard drive data recovery.

Perform the following steps to restore data from damaged hard drive:

Step 1: On the main page, select "Recover Drives" to recover lost files from damaged hard drive. And then from the next screen select “Partition Recovery

Restore Data from Damaged Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: You will find list of drives and then choose the drive from which you want to restore files & click Next” option.

Restore Data from Damaged Hard Drive - Select Logical Drive

Figure 2: Select Logical Drive

Step 3:The utility scans the damaged hard disk & recovers the lost data. You can also preview the restored files.

Restore Data from Damaged Hard Drive - Save Recovered Data

Figure 3 : View Recovered Data

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