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USB hard drive is an external data storage device and is commonly known as a flash drive. Most of the people frequently use a USB drive to accumulate important data that needs to be transferred from one system to the other. USB drive gives you the convenience to store any sort of information. You can anytime move the information from one system to another by connecting this external device in the required USB port of a computer.

However, a USB hard drive can stop working due to some reasons such as file system corruption, virus attack, etc. and makes you unable to access the data stored in it. So in this situation you need to use of relevant data recovery software to restore data from your USB hard drive.

There are several reasons which lead to data loss from USB hard drive. You should always take a backup of all the data stored in USB drive and should act carefully while saving data, as the data loss can occur without any prior warning. Many USB hard drives stop functioning because of their bad quality and other fails to work because of improper use. The most common malfunctioning occurs by plugging a USB hard drive into a your computer and hitting it by mistake causing the port of the gadget to become conked out, twisted or smashed. Inferior quality flash drives can malfunction at any point of time. Few device makers frequently use cutting edge components and join them with obsolete parts. This leads to the failure of USB drives at an early stage. You should take proper care while using flash drives and insert it properly into the slots in order to transfer the required data. These USB drives have a higher access speed as compared to outdated floppy discs, CDs and are far more durable than any other portable devices. But these flash drives can still get smashed and information stored in it can be unintentionally erased or become corrupt because of software or hardware issues. Virus attack is also a common problem that leads to data loss.

The most widespread technique to recover information from a USB hard drive is to employ an application that is specially made for data recovery purpose. Hard drive recovery software could help you out in repossessing the lost or erased files from any sort of storage drive that can be attached to your computer or laptop via USB port.

Hard drive recovery software is the best tool available to effectively recover the deleted and lost data from the external hard drive. This software has some advance features in recovering the data from hard drive. It recovers data from crashed, corrupted, formatted and re-formatted drives. The software can easily retrieve IDE hard drive data with just few easy steps. It supports data recovery from NTFS formatted drives and recover data from over written hard drives. It also bypasses bad sectors by creating disk image files and recover files from different types of memory cards, iPods, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc. You can recover Samsung hard disk data & also storage media of different brands such as Seagate, Iomega, Hitachi, etc. You can download the trial version, which is free of cost, and check its capability of recovering files. Once you are satisfied with the previewed result then you can save it by purchasing the software. The software is also efficient in performing laptop hard drive recovery. Read more on this....

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Follow the steps given below to recover data from USB hard drive:

Step 1: Disconnect affected USB hard drive and connect it to another computer as a secondary storage device. Download and install the trial version of Hard Drive Recovery software in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut. The main window appears as shown in Figure 1. Choose "Recover Drives" option from the main screen and proceed further.

USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Software - Main Window

Step 1 : Main Window

Step 2: When you select "Recover Partitions / Drives" option, a new window appears. The new window provides you an option to recover deleted/lost partitions and to recover formatted/reformatted partitions. Select "Partition Recovery" option and proceed to the next step as shown in Figure 2.

USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Software- Select Mode

Step 2 : Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Once you select "Partition Recovery" option, the program detects all the physical drives and displays it as shown in Figure 3. Select the drive from which you want to recover lost data and click on "Next".

USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Software - tree view screen

Step 3: Select Drive

Step 4: When you click "Next" you get an option to search for a particular file based on its unique signature by selecting the file type from the list that is displayed as shown in Figure 4. You also have an option to "Skip" this step.

USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Software- Select File Type

Step 4: Select File Type

Step 5: On clicking "Next" scanning process starts. The software recovers deleted files and displays all the recovered data as shown in Figure 5. You can use "Preview" option to view the recovered data and can save the recovered data.

USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Software- Save Recovered Deleted files

Step 5: View Recovered Data

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